How is Veil halal?

How is Veil halal?

Unlike other Muslim marriage apps, we do not believe in ‘Halal dating’ according to Shariah, this term does not exist. We want to cater to all Muslims, from those who are very practising to those who are less so. Our service is not a place to freely socialise with the opposite sex but one where those serious about finding their life partners.

We strive to give our users the features needed to help them stay safe and be mindful of their obligations to themselves and others.

In keeping with this, included only in Veil:

  1. Photo Privacy
    Your photos can optionally be hidden preventing superficial browsing and ensuring matches match on the personality rather than just aesthetics
  2. Wali/Guardian support
    Include a guardian in all of your Chats for extra peace of mind
  3. Reporting
    Report inappropriate conduct instantly. All reports are dealt with and are dealt with accordingly.
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